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Occam’s Moving Parts

As an architect of complex applications, I spend my day aggressively
applying Occam’s Razor, attempting to simplify large systems by
removing as much as possible. But the nature of the work is such that
the system can never be truly simple. No matter how much I try to
simplify, I am left with that feeling that there are too many moving

As a geek, I apply a systems approach to almost everything in my life. I
have a system for preparing meals, a system for loading the dish washer,
a system for folding my underwear. I can’t perform an activity more than
once without thinking about optimizing and systematizing it somehow. I am
always looking for patterns, and I am always looking for that piece that
just doesn’t fit.

This blog is intended to be a collection of my observations and
ponderings on the systems of the world, particularly but not exclusively
those in the technology and business realms. What are the moving parts
and how do they fit together? How can we apply Occam’s Razor to them?
Which parts can be removed, and which parts are essential?

Like most of my writing, I expect to bore almost everyone, but hopefully
fascinate and engage a few people.

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