Where the heck is book three?

I know what you're thinking. Didn't Vince say he was going to give me the conclusion to The Piero Codex trilogy in July? Where is it already?

Well, have you ever heard that quote about where the best laid plans often go? Yeah. Summoning Courage WAS planned to ship in July, but as it stands today, the draft is only about half complete. I'm working on it and making steady progress, but the muse and I are having disagreements that have slowed things down. Give me another couple of months to iron out the kinks, m'kay?

But I would hate for you to have nothing to read for all that time! If your "to read" queue is looking a little dry, let me give you a recommendation to tide you over. Since you enjoy my books, I feel pretty confident that you will love Dana Cameron's Seven Kinds of Hell, the first book in her Fangborn series. It has a lot of the elements you love: dark magics, secret societies, ancient relics, and a fresh take on the "vampires and werewolves" concept. I encourage you to check it out!