Cursing Fate: The Piero Codex Book One


A grouchy alcoholic sorcerer who just wants to be left alone gets pulled into mortal danger by a sexy private eye with a hidden agenda.

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Just because you can see the future coming, doesn’t mean it won’t run you over.

Mack is a sorcerer, a Fate-bender, who has spent his entire adult life dodging the Seers Guild authorities. Keeping tabs on their Fates helps him choose the best places to hide. Lately, he’s been hiding at the bottom of a bottle of bourbon. He’s content to stay there. Then one day another mysterious sorcerer casts a big, noisy, illegal curse into Mack’s neighborhood. Suddenly the Seers Guild has thrown a dragnet over the city to nab the rogue sorcerer, and Mack is about to get caught in it.

Enter Recca Mann, a sexy private eye with razor-sharp eyes and a hidden agenda. She wants to enlist a freelance Fate-bender to help her catch the rogue first, and Mack fits the bill. Mack would rather hide in his bottle than risk his skin for a stranger’s profit, but the Tapestry of Destiny says his best chance of a Fate outside a Guild dungeon is to take the job. The trick is, doing it without Recca finding out that Mack is on the Guild’s most-wanted list.

With Guild tracers closing in fast, can Mack find the rogue before the Guild finds him? And if he does, can he trust Recca not to sell him out to the Guild for an extra buck?

Cursing Fate is the first book in The Piero Codex series, the first story in the Seers Guild universe. This urban fantasy thriller is Vince Veselosky’s debut novel.

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