Shifting Loyalties: The Piero Codex Book Two


When Mack’s old flame disappears under mysterious threats, he is forced to choose who to trust, with lives hanging in the balance if makes the wrong choice.

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When it’s a matter of life and death, how do you know who to trust?

Mack was never good at trusting people, even before he went underground hiding from the Seers Guild. But when the former love of Mack’s life (Marina) goes missing, and an unknown organization makes dramatic moves against the Protectors of the Piero Codex, he needs help.

Maybe he can trust Recca, but she still seems to have a hidden agenda of her own. Maybe he can trust Lilly, but will involving her just get her killed? Maybe he can trust Marina’s husband Richard, but how is he supposed to work with the guy who stole his girlfriend?

With the enemy closing in, and time running out, turning an enemy agent seems like the best option. But when you can’t even trust your friends, how do you trust an enemy? Even if he manages to make all the right choices, how is Mack going to convince the other players to trust him long enough to save Marina and protect the Codex?

Shifting Loyalties is the exciting second installment in the urban fantasy thriller series The Piero Codex. It contains more action, more magic, more pages, and possibly more bourbon! Get it today!

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