Vince Veselosky

Author of Awesome Fantasy

Summoning Courage is here!

The final installment of The Piero Codex trilogy is now available!

A corrupt oligarchy. An ancient relic of power. A handful of seers stand between them.

Mack may be a dedicated member of the Order, but he’s always been a loner. Bad things happen to people who get too close to him. Case in point, Recca has been imprisoned by the Seers Guild for helping him protect the Piero Codex. Not to mention this week’s funeral. Mack is tempted crawl into a bottle of bourbon to hide.

But the Order’s secrets have been leaked, and it’s only a matter of time before the Seers Guild has all the pieces they need to steal the Piero Codex and its history-bending spells. To stop them and save Recca, Mack will have to change his solo ways and become, not just a team player, but a team leader. But the people he can trust are few, and those few don’t necessarily like each other. Getting them to work together may be the hardest challenge of his life.

With an unknown traitor inside the Order, and the Seers Guild willing to kill them all to get the relic, can Mack turn enemies into allies in time to save his friend and the Codex?

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